5 Jammed Ignition Repair Tips

The proximity-based entry technology in modern automobiles has eliminated the need to turn the key. However, some people still possess a vintage or basic model car that requires a key to start. In many such vehicles, the ignition switch begins to wear out over time, causing the car ignition tumbler to seize and the ignition pin to stick in the switch. If this happens, you may twist and crank the vehicle key as much as you like, but it will not budge an inch from its position. Typically, when this occurs, it is not the problem of the ignition key. Before replacing your stuck ignition switch, try to repair it using the following tips:

Unlock the Steering Wheel

When you switch off your car and slightly spin the steering wheel, the steering column lock is activated. Not only will this prohibit you from turning the steering wheel, but it will also prevent you from removing the key from the ignition. This is because the ignition cylinder locks concurrently with the steering wheel lock. To simultaneously unlock both locks, crank the key while spinning the steering wheel. After this, you’ll be able to remove the key and start the car.

The Battery Is Dead

Your ignition system needs electricity to work, and if your battery is completely discharged, you may have difficulty removing the key. If you hear a repetitive clicking sound when you put your key in the ignition switch, then this is a solid indicator that your battery is dead. You’ll need to jump-start your car in this instance, and if the clicking noise persists, you might have to change the battery.

Lubricate the Ignition Cylinder

The ignition cylinder requires lubrication on a regular basis. The key glides overs the locking mechanism to determine whether it is the proper key. This metal-on-metal movement may deteriorate both, the pin and the key. For locks, the best lubricant to use is dry graphite lubrication. Occasionally, dirt might also begin collecting in the ignition cylinder. This works as an abrasive, hence increasing wear and tear.

Damaged Key

Each time you insert the key into the ignition and spin it, the key gets worn. When not in use, you may store your vehicle key in your pocket or on a hard-surfaced desk. This kind of misuse will gradually deteriorate your automobile key. If the key has bends, or a minor crack on it, removing it from the ignition will become more difficult. Also, over time, car keys may accumulate dirt. As a result, the key does not fit properly into the lockset. Forcing a dirty key in and out regularly may cause the pins to become crooked over time. And eventually, the pin will slide past the key and get jammed in the switch. You could keep your car keys clean by wiping them with rubbing alcohol.

Contact a Professional Jammed Ignition Repair

When it comes to a key that has been stuck in the ignition, applying extra pressure will never work. This will only result in it breaking and causing more damage.  If none of the above techniques work, or if your key has broken, then you need to contact a professional locksmith for assistance. Discount Keys and Remotes is a reputable mobile locksmith company operating in the Twin Cities. They offer a wide range of services from damaged key replacement to unlocking steering wheel and Key Programming.

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