DISCOUNT Keys and Remotes supplies a full range of locksmith services to all of central Minnesota and has been for a long time. Rescuing stranded motorists from a multitude of situations. Working with companies like AAA, Haji's tow Roadside, Progressive and State Farm Insurance as the area’s top Automotive Locksmith. Not only do we have the ability to retrieve your keys if they are locked in your vehicle, we have a specialized fleet of service vans that bring our shop to your location. We are the only full service locksmith company in the area that offers this level of mobile service, and we answer our phones 7 days a week. There is never a need to risk towing your stranded vehicle, or doing any of the work yourself. We are the ONLY call you need to make for all of your lock needs. Call 612-598-5959 Monday to Sunday available 24 hours.